Encypt your chats

With chat encryption nobody will know who you are talking to, or the messages you write.

Press the lock to encrypt and decrypt, or try drawing a "C" in the center of the screen. You can use TouchID or FaceID for more convenience.

Discover different styles for encryption in settings!

Offline mode

Activate offline mode to stop receiving messages until you activate it again. We will save your messages until you deactivate it again. Be assured not to be disturbed whenever you want.

Self-destructive files

If you choose self-destruction when sending audio messages, videos and photos, they can only be heard or seen once. Then they will be deleted automatically.

Temporary messages

When sending a message, press and hold the plane and slide your finger up to choose the duration that the message can display: 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. When the message is viewed, it will be deleted after the chosen time.


Find out when they make you a screenshot!

Group chats

It has never been so easy to make surprise parties without getting caught. You can make group chats of up to 50 participants.